Fleetrack: The "Big Picture" of Fleet Operations

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Welcome to Fleetrack, the Internet system for keeping watch over the "big picture" of your fleet. This is a sample of what a Fleetrack site looks like. At the right, you can see the location of all of the vessels in this fleet. At the bottom is chart with links to further information about the ships. Click on the links to view voyage details or analyze bunker consumption. (Internet Explorer users may click directly on the vessel icons.) You can use the map tools at the top of the map to zoom in on vessels or set features. In practice, access to your page will be denied to anyone not possessing a current user name and password.
Vessel Date Position Speed Course *Log Destination ETA
MV CHANGE 10/18/2017 Lazarev anchorage     0.00    
MV COMMUNICATE 10/18/2017 AutoTrack  10.0 knots  272 deg 63.20    
MV DATA 10/18/2017 GULF OF KHAMBAT  17.0  50 279.01  PORT OF ALANG  07/25/2002 0930
MV FORWARD 10/19/2017 AutoTrack  14.0 knots  59 deg 84.30    
MV FUTURE 10/18/2017 AutoTrack  11.0 knots  1 deg 68.86    
MV SUCCESS 10/18/2017 AutoTrack  0.0 knots  19 degree 85.33    
MV TRADER 10/18/2017 AutoTrack  0.0 knots  0 degree 0.04    

Click on vessel name or position to view voyage map , click analyze for bunker analysis.

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